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Internship: 2017 Intern job descriptions

The terms of *culture is not optional internships include an average of 20 hours per week working for *cino projects in Three Rivers in exchange for free housing and a living stipend. Food costs are shared among the interns and the members of the resident community. We have partnerships with two local farms for interns looking for additional income through part-time work. The descriptions below are for specific volunteer intern positions within the *culture is not optional organization.  Please feel free to apply for one of these positions or make a proposal according to your unique gifts and skills.


Agriculture Interns (2)

Food is a significant part of many of *cino’s projects, which includes food sourcing and production as practices for fostering life-giving relationships with our neighbors and with the earth. Agriculture interns will have a variety of opportunities and responsibilities related to food production. The first and primary responsibility involves overseeing the the urban farm at the Huss Project, which is heading into its sixth year of production. Agriculture interns will be responsible for coming alongside local volunteers and *cino staff to help with labor, distribution, scheduling, programming, promotion and events, including a summer lunch program in partnership with the local schools. Agriculture interns will also be responsible for networking with local farmers to organize weekly participation in the Three Rivers Farmer’s Market, as well as the farmer’s market at the annual Huss Future Festival. Ideal candidates for these positions will have at least some growing experience and a desire to learn more; a desire to foster community through growing good food together; and a capacity to do sometimes ungratifying physical labor with patience, energy and attention to detail. All *cino staff end up doing random tasks at times, so agriculture interns will also be called upon for other assignments as needed. This position may be paired with a paid, part-time job at a small, local farm that does require access to a vehicle.  Overall, it’s a great opportunity to learn about growing good food on a small scale!


Community Engagement Interns (2)

Cultivating positive relationships through special events is a cornerstone of growing community, imagination and playfulness at the Huss Project. Special events include Community Fun Nights, Storytelling Nights and Future Festival, a one-day extravaganza of art, food, music, all-ages play and fundraising. Community engagement interns will support these kinds of events at the Huss Project through planning and promotion, including assisting the Future Festival chair person and finding ways to connect *cino’s (inter)national audience to our local events. Depending on skill set, community engagement interns will come alongside other *cino staff to update blogs, shoot and edit videos, maintain photo archives, design posters and fliers, create Facebook events, write articles and create and implement promotion plans for special events and programs. Ideal candidates for these positions will enjoy spending time with people of all ages, especially children; will be playful and creative; will demonstrate strong organization, writing and delegation skills; and potentially have some combination of design, photography or film experience. All *cino staff end up doing random tasks at times, so community engagement interns will also be called upon for other assignments as needed.


Business Support Intern (2)

As part of our community development work, *culture is not optional partners with World Fare–a nonprofit, volunteer-run run fair trade store in downtown Three Rivers–and engages in a variety of other entrepreneurial projects. The business intern will help with various special projects at World Fare during the summer, organizing volunteers, preparing retail displays and working with inventory. The business intern will also work alongside the agriculture interns to run our table at the Three Rivers Farmers Market and with the communication and promotion intern to promote our business ventures. The ideal candidate for this position exhibit strong self-motivation; will be creatively entrepreneurial and scrappy with limited resources; and will have some business experience. All *cino staff end up doing random tasks at times, so the business intern will also be called upon for other assignments as needed.