Intentional community

Yearlong Residency

Along with our summer internship opportunities, we also invite individuals to be part of the *cino intentional community in a longer-term capacity. Much of our work involves being faithfully present in a place and we hope to embody a thriving and committed community for the flourishing of all in Three Rivers. Progression from a Yearlong Residency to a more permanent commitment is an open possibility for the community as a whole to discern on a case-by-case basis.

Residence in the *cino community involves three components:

  1. Shared Rule of Life: Each group of people living in the community house collaborates and creates a “Rule of Life” to guide life together. This may include a conscious desire to make ecologically sustainable and socially just decisions in daily living and buying practices, and to try to observe mindfulness and inclusiveness with neighbors and community members. For some, these are new concepts, and the effort to live out these principles as a community is both challenging and rewarding.
  2. Community Involvement and Relationship Building: We strive to be intentional members of the larger Three Rivers community. This component involves building relationships with neighbors, shopping and dining at local businesses, getting involved in churches or area organizations, volunteering for local events, and practicing hospitality.
  3. Work: One of the qualities of *cino as a small, scrappy organization is responsiveness to participants’ unique gifts, ideas, skills and creativity. *cino resident tasks are assigned at the intersection of the organization’s needs and an individual’s abilities and background. In the past, individuals have organized events and fundraisers, documented the stories of *cino’s historic headquarters, researched grants, hosted service groups, and attended community meetings on the organization’s behalf. In addition, community residents participate in collective tasks like building maintenance and mailings. Other tasks might include working with the urban farm, organizing activities for neighborhood kids, and helping with *cino’s publishing efforts. Most community members volunteer a portion of their *cino hours at a partner organization called World Fare, a non-profit fair trade store in downtown Three Rivers. Residents are asked to contribute an average of 20 hours per week to *cino tasks, and schedules for these hours are set to balance individual needs (like work and travel) with communal needs (like special events and shared work space).

So, come, join in on our residency experiment! We are seeking those willing to learn and lead as farmers, social entrepreneurs, fundraisers, builders, artists, writers, teachers, activists, planners, networkers, dreamers, musicians, and much more.