Imagining Space is now the Huss Project!

As we all found ourselves using “The Huss Project” to describe what’s happening at the Huss School property, we decided to run with it! The Huss Project honors the legacy of the school property, while also giving an umbrella for the exciting new programs that are blossoming there. A community center for all ages, a community garden feeding our curiosity and our stomachs, a laboratory for college students passionate about service-learning, a space for programs that foster mentorship and imagination—the Huss Project property is bursting with potential for Three Rivers and beyond!

All of the old blog posts from the Imagining Space web site—including the posts from when we originally purchased the property in 2009—have moved over to the new Huss Project site. If you signed up for the Imagining Space e-mail list, you will automatically be moved to the new Huss Project e-mail list.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in this exciting project!