^camping is not optional 2007 is once again being brought to you by *culture is not optional and Russet House Farm. Unlike Practicing Resurrection, the conference we organized last year, this summer's events will be much more informal. From outings to local farms and businesses to discussions and jam sessions on the farm, this year's event will remind ^camping veterans of outings past. From August 6-12 you are invited to come to Cameron, Ontario for a week (or as much time as you'd like) of camping, exploring the Kawarthas, campfires, communal worship, reflection, play, swimming, and farm activities. While we are not organizing a full scale conference for this year, we will facilitate a potluck dinner in the camping area on Saturday night and communal worship on Sunday morning. Other activities like bible study, evening prayer, yoga, interpretive dance, capture the flag, metaphysical support groups, group therapy, poetry readings, salon-style conversations on whatever people want to talk about, and other crazy ideas will emerge from the midst of the camping community. Register now!

Last modified: March 4, 2020