Yep, that’s right. We’re looking to purchase a building in Three Rivers, Michigan, where we could do a number of things–including local community development (in partnership with existing organizations and groups already working in Three Rivers), an off-campus program for college students, seminars and workshops for church groups, and kinds of other things we’re just beginning to dream about.
In fact, we already have an accepted offer in on Huss School, an historic school building on four acres of land that would be an ideal location for all kinds of unique and service-oriented programming. The (initial) tricky part of the offer is that we have until May 27 to raise the $20,000 down payment. Should we be able to manage that, we’ll move forward with other challenges posed by the Huss building.
Regardless of whether the current offer is completed, we’re looking to move forward on finding a physical space for *cino to do its work. For more, take a look at our Imagining Space web site, where we offer a vision for what we hope to do with a building like Huss, introduce the property itself, tell the story of how we’ve gotten to this point in *cino’s development, and intend to keep folks updated on our efforts.
We’re hoping we’ll be able to complete the purchase of Huss and move forward, but we’ll need your support to do so. If you’ve enjoyed *cino’s work and are interested in this new opportunity for its incarnation, please consider donating for our campaign. We would very much appreciate your contribution!

Last modified: March 4, 2020