Summer snapshots at a glance

May 11 – *cino finishes up remodeling of 208 with the help of Florence Church members and other volunteers.

May 25 – Ale and Annelie begin AmeriCorps VISTA training. *cino is working to partner with AmeriCorps over the next three years to better build capacity for the organization as a whole. A few weeks later, the summer associates join for ten weeks.

June 10 – Summer lunches begins.  The Huss Project has partnered seven summers so far with the Three Rivers Public Schools through their lunch program, Meet Up and Eat Up.

June 13 – The Huss Project joins the Three Rivers Water Parade for fun and candy. This event gave AmeriCorps VISTA members a feel of the neighborhood and chance to meet the neighbors.

June 14 – *cino convenes with Camp Tavor over dinner at the camp. This year, Camp Tavor counselors stayed for one night out of the week in rotation at 208.

June 15 – Summer work days begin at The Huss Project. For six weeks, we worked with volunteers from the neighborhood in preparation for Huss Future Festival and several other projects including the renovation of the Imaginarium and the pavilion.

June 20 –The Huss Project has its first Farmer’s Market of the season. Snap peas, strawberries and smiles!

June 21 –Malachi Carter comes all the way from Indianapolis to teach a photography class for kids at summer lunches.

July 2 – Camp Tavor kids come out to volunteer with us at The Huss Project Gardens for Tikkun Olam.

July 15 – Aundrea Syrie and Great Dane teach a creative workshop for kids in the neighborhood so that they can develop their love for words.

July 23 – Anna teaches summer lunch kids the magic of compost. Yay dirt!

July 25 –In thanks to all of those who participated in the Big Steps Campaign, *cino hosts a soriee at the renovated Imaginarium.- S

July 27 – HUSS FUTURE FESTIVAL 2019 ARRIVES. Check out our flickr account for oodles of pictures celebrating our 10th year at Huss.We raised over $7,000 dollars with the help of volunteers and community members. Thanks to all of you (almost 1,000!) who joined.

July 30 – Tikkun Olam round two!

August 8 – Our summer associates’ last day on the job.

August 9 – Storytelling night commences with our wonderful host, Emily, prompting us to wonder about inheritance and legacy.

August 24 – Longtime community members, Alek and Deborah celebrate their love at the Imaginarium. First wedding ever hosted at Huss!

To summarize:

– The Huss Project have raised over $7,000 dolllars this summer in support of the Huss Project.

– The pavilion and the Imaginarum are up and running.

-*cino’s 100 Friends of Huss Campaign, launched this summer, partnering with longterm, dedicated lovers of food, art and play.

– We have begun a three year partnership with AmeriCorps in efforts to keep this organization sustainable and joy-filled.

– We produced hundreds of pounds of vegetables this summer, distributing it to the local food bank, UCAP and the Three Rivers Farmers Market.

– Summer lunches, our Saturday work days were a success this year.


Thank you all of our volunteers for contributing your time, financial support, gifts and love. This summer was filled with so much business, and your presence made all of the difference.


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