Intentional community


We are now accepting applications for our 2017 Summer Internship Program and Yearlong Residency. This year’s Summer Internship starts June 1 and ends August 12.

*culture is not optional invites interns to be transformed by:

  • Intentional living in the rural-small town of Three Rivers
  • Creative spirituality, reflection and discernment of culture in a local context
  • Social and ecological justice issues in Three Rivers
  • Local and global sustainability practices

Our internship program is a full-time program for 10 weeks during the summer. Interns receive housing, a living stipend, and the option of part-time paid work with local farm partners (see benefits page for more details).

The *culture is not optional internship program began somewhat spontaneously in the summer of 2010 and emerged out of several conversations and a growing desire for recent college graduates to live and work in the *cino community. Many interested and eager friends and interns first arrived in Three Rivers, Michigan, shortly after graduation from college. In the first year of the internship program, nine individuals have spent time living in community at the intern house and working at the Huss Project, the center for *cino’s summer events and activities. Each intern has contributed a tremendous amount of imagination, skills, ideas and just-plain-hard-work to the projects happening in Three Rivers. As summer 2016 approaches, we are anticipating another diligent group of interns who will join the community at the Trinity Episcopal Church Rectory and begin learning, living and working as part of the *cino community. Prospective interns may be college graduates or current students taking time to intern between semesters.

*cino interns live in intentional community together in a four-bedroom house located near downtown Three Rivers, and a short walk from local businesses, restaurants, a theater and nearby rivers and parks. Three Rivers is surrounded by the beautiful and diverse landscape of southwest Michigan’s unique river and lake ecosystems and several forested conservation areas. Interns commit to integrating the foundational values of community, simple living, social justice and spirituality into their everyday lives.

The interns’ time spent living in town and working in the community raises their consciousness of the dynamics of a rural small town, including the importance of a local and place-based economy, practicing hospitality, community development and commitment to place.