Video update: Plowing

Last Saturday, Ron and Del Buckhold brought over a tractor to plow the ground for the Triple Ripple Community Gardens. While they technically used a tiller, it seems right to call turning over new ground for gardening “plowing.” Check it out below:

Spring Break 2010

Five Calvin College students are currently spending the week in Three Rivers to work on the Imagining Space project at Huss School. Additionally, they’re meeting several local folks and exploring the meaning of place. For more, read the daily entries at the Imagining Space blog and check out photos on Flickr.

A building for *cino?

Yep, that’s right. We’re looking to purchase a building in Three Rivers, Michigan, where we could do a number of things–including local community development (in partnership with existing organizations and groups already working in Three Rivers), an off-campus program for college students, seminars and workshops for church groups, and kinds of other things we’re just…